Top 4 Best Kitchenaid Pizza Cutter Review

When it comes down to KitchenAid pizza cutter they tend to be one of the most left out kitchen items there are because simply whenever someone hears about KitchenAid pizza cutter, their mind automatically goes to its one usage and that is cutting pizza.  Also, when it comes to pizza cutters you might just want to get the cheapest one there is because no one would want to waste money on this type of item.  However, I suggest you give this more thought.  Let me begin by telling you that there is so much more to the pizza cutters than its humble appearance.

KitchenAid pizza cutters are not just a one job essential rather they prove useful to cut and slice fondants, quesadillas, tortillas, etc. Many of our baking lovers would love to get them as well because their help is not just confined to cutting pizzas but moreover they can help you slice the perfect brownies, cookie dough, fudge cakes, and many more in a neater way.

Top best KitchenAid Pizza Cutter:

There are about three types of KitchenAid pizza cutter, and that is wheeled mezzelune, and scissors cutters. Pizza cutters are a guaranteed better option than using a knife to get a better, neater, and quick result. As the choice of the type of pizza depends upon your preference and also the kind of space storage you would like to invest in the pizza cutters as per your budget.

You can choose any type of KitchenAid pizza cutter that you would prefer by looking over your budget and need. These pizza cutters are not only useful for one task but you will find more about them as you head down to read our given reviews about some of the best pizza cutters out there so that you can also choose the best for yourself.

With our best-reviewed KitchenAid pizza cutter, we are sure that you find the perfect one to suit your taste, storage capacity, and budget. So never settle for less and get your hands on one of the best pizza cutters out there.

Kitchy Super Sharp Pizza Cutter Wheel:

Exclusive cutting:

The Kitchy sharp pizza cutting wheel has very defined blades that will help you achieve that flawless and précised cutting whether you are slicing a pizza or a cake including so many more. With the sharp cutting blade of this pizza cutter, it gets very easy to get a clean cut and impress our guests as pizza tends to have loads of cheese lacing around therefore getting that clean-cut gets very difficult. Achieving the flawless pizza slices now isn’t a problem! With just one sharp cut effortlessly you will get the desired results unlike going back and forth to cut with some wheels.

Perfect gripping handle:

The KitchenAid pizza cutter is enabled with a very comfortable handle that will fit perfectly in the palms of your hands. The handle-free pizza cutter provides you a very firm grip on it so that you can easily cut those perfect pizza slices whereas you will have an upper and stronger grip on it.

A package of convenience:

With the Kitchy cutting wheel, it gets convenient to store them anywhere either it’s a concern of storage or safety. This pizza cutting wheel is a non-handle wheel which makes it of a good considerate size therefore you can put it in any of your kitchen drawers without having to worry about space.

Often when it comes down to KitchenAid pizza cutter, people worry about the safety of their toddlers because of the sharp blades of the cutter due to which they might have to have a specific storage area for them where their toddlers can’t reach these but with the Kitchy cutter wheel which comes with an additional blade guard, that concern is out of the window! You can confidently keep these cutters anywhere you would like when they are not being used. 

Easy and thorough cleaning:

While cleaning the cutter they disassemble easily so you don’t have to deal with sharp blades with wet hands. All of its parts are dishwashing safe so here’s another problem solved!

Lifetime warranty:

The Kitchy has a lifetime guarantee on this pizza cutting wheel. They can confidently say that in case of any problems, you can replace it anytime you want.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Safe blade guard
  •  Comfortable hold with the non-handle blade
  •  Dishwasher safe
  •  All parts are dissemble-able
  •  Super sharp blades
  • Tricky for people to use who are new to using non-handle cutters
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Checkered Cutter:

Single motion cutting:

Before considering lesser options like scissors to cut your pizza, try the checkered pizza cutter to slice equal pizza pieces. This KitchenAid pizza cutter is specially designed to cut identical pizza slices with just a swift motion. Without having to fret about uneven and clumsy pizza slices that have their topping ruined with going back and forth to achieve that flawless slice, just get your hands on this checkered pizza cutter to avoid all the drama! Unlike the roller cutters, this checkered cutter will get the job of slicing pizzas perfectly done with its arm long length and sharpened blades.


The checkered pizza cutter is not just helpful in cutting pizza slices but it’s a great option if you work at a bakery or food court were within no time. you can comfortably slice dozens of cakes, brownies or pizzas and so much more.

Safe usage:

The blades of the checkered pizza cutter are highly manufactured under great supervision due to which they would not scratch your expensive countertops, pan, etc. this design is also verified to protect your hands because unlike many steel cutters it has rubber gripping installed so that you achieve your perfect identical slices from the hit flaming pizza that just came out of the oven.

A reversible design:

Furthermore, the checkered pizza cutter has two different kinds of grooves which provide you with multiple tasks that can be performed. One side of this pizza cutter is instilled with pizza grooves whereas the other side of this pizza cutter is flat, which is best for cutting other food items other than pizzas. Yes

The long length of 13.5 inches
Sharp and strong blades 
Long-lasting manufacturing
Dual designed grooves
Comfortable grip
Demands extra storage space
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Cangshan Pizza Cutter:

The size that cuts all:

The features of these exclusive pizza cutters never cease to amaze and that also adds Cangshan pizza cutter which has a 4-inch long blade attached to its comfortable lengthy handle. The pros that long blades would provide is that they are convenient to cut pizza of any thickness easily. You can cut your pizza whatever without worrying about pressing down on its topping because of small length cutters.

Lengthy handle:

The Cangshan pizza cutters offer long lengths in their handles for better and comfortable gripping. If you are new to the game of cutting pizzas then this pizza cutter will suit you best because you can effortlessly cut your slices without having to worry about your safety. The handle is approximately 5 inches which is a pretty good length that would fit in your hands and give you an upper hand on its gripping as well.

Flawless design:

Cangshan pizza cutter’s manufacturing is done with stainless steel which enables high durability so that you may use it for a long time. The stainless steel feature also helps to keep your pizzas safe from any of the bacteria that they could catch when these cutters get rusty and old.

Easy washing:

Washing is the difficult part among pizza cutters because they have blades attached to them. The Cangshan pizza cutter is dishwasher safe so that you can toss it in the dishwasher easily and relax.

Lifetime guarantee:

To add more to the Cangshan pizza cutter features, they additionally offer a lifetime guarantee as well although after the reviews of their customers they are sure that its a low chance that anyone would want to lose this cutter but in any case of defects they are available and you can get an exchange or return and here go our insecurities about low manufacturing.

Long 4 inches blade
Lifetime warranty
Stainless steel
Great durability
Dishwasher safe
Takes extra space
Is not enabled with a blade protector
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Dreamfarm Scissors Pizza Cutter:

German blade –  when we think of pizza cutters, the highlighted feature that comes to our mind is always their blades. A pizza cutter is manufactured with German-made sharp blading that will give utterly fine results in your pizza slicing. The hardened blades of this cutter have defined edges to ensure that the job is getting well done. Blades of the Dreamfarm pizza cutter prove sustainable as well with their stainless steel making that makes them last longer.

Dual function:

The Dreamfarm scissors pizza cutter is not just equipped with a cutter to slice down your pizza. But it also has a ledge server that is manufactured at its bottom to carry the slices that you cut. With the Dreamfarm’s scissors, an additional feature of a ledge server that serves an afterward job of carrying out slices. The base is also made up of non-stick nylon so that it does not damage your pans, cookwares. It’s also heat resistant and has the consistency to last up to 400°F.

Convenient cleansing:

Scissors from the Dreamfarm are dishwasher safe so just put them in there and take your sweet time while they get cleaned themselves.

Dual functioning of cutting and carrying out slices
Dishwashing secured
Stainless steel
German-made sharp blades
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