The 5 Best Box Grater For Your Kitchens 2023


Grated vegetables are always the best options for making many recipes. We need grated cheese for yummy cheese balls, pizza, and pasta. We also prefer grated vegetables for everyone’s favorite Chinese rice. So to grate and slice these vegetables, we should have a durable and nice grater that can help us in cooking. Box grater is a multi-taking kitchen partner that grates vegetables quickly like professionals.

There is no need for an electricity supply, and there is no noise of grater like heavy food processing machines. Also, the grater box covers little space and is super easy to wash and use. Another amazing thing about box grater is that it is very economical everyone can buy this mini kitchen gadget and can use it. In this article best box grater is reviewed with all the details including features, price, warranty, etc.

1. Zulay (Large) 4-Sided Cheese Grater:

If you want to make some delicious food and you have to zest, grate, slice, and for doing so, a multi-functional grater is a good helper.

This is the best quality box grater because it is made up of stainless steel which is long-lasting, powerful, and efficient in working. Sharp etched teeth in this grater are specially designed for shredding chocolate, fruits, vegetables, and cheese very smoothly.

In addition to this, the Zulay cheese grater has four different sides that help you in zesting, slicing, shredding, and grating. Slicer is perfect for slicing a variety of vegetables like cabbage, carrot, onion, etc. Moreover, for zesting sour fruits, the fine-grater side is ideal. And the other two sides i.e, medium and coarse graters are compatible with shredding vegetables, and cheese for making your dishes tasty and cheesy.

Due to stainless steel, this grater can protect its elegance from corrosion and rust. Cleaning this kitchenware is also not a big deal, you just have to detach its rubber base and wash it with normal water. Furthermore, its handle is made up of extra hard rubber for holding it tightly while grating tough ingredients. So in a nutshell, it is the best product at a reasonable price that can make your life easy and help you to deal with daily life cooking tasks.

  • Rubber handle
  • Stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty
  • Sometimes, after wash water gets inside the handle
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2. Utopia Box Kitchen Cheese Grater :

This supreme quality cheese grater is designed of superior quality 430 stainless steel. It is one of the most important pieces of kitchenware that you should add to your kitchen. If you are a lover of cooking then this tool will help you to shred different kinds of cheese whether it is mozzarella, Camembert, cheddar, or feta, for making delicious dishes.

This box grater is not only designed for grating cheese but it will also help you to shred vegetables like cucumber, orange or lemon peel, carrot, cabbage, and many others. Giving you a perfect and memorable grating experience, its handle is made up of hard rubber that makes it comfortable and allows you to hold it tightly with grating.

You just need to place the base of the grater against the plate and hold the grater comfortably in your hands and then you will have an amazing grating experience. In comparison with other box graters, this grater works efficiently along with fast speed and precise results. In addition to this, its sturdy design provides this product with optimal longevity.

Although, the cleaning process of this tool is also very reliable. You can wash it with normal water and soap or can make it dirt-free by simply putting it into the dishwasher because it is dishwasher safe.

Its sides are hexagonal which provides you with perfect shred consistency. So can make your dishes tasty as well as eye-catchy by using this box grater. Because it not only gives you high-quality results but also shreds cheese and vegetables without creating any mess.

Stainless steel 430
Versatile product
Tiny particles of the food rarely stick at the base
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3. BUy Large Box Grater

Buy box grater is larger and made up of stainless steel that can resist rust. It helps you grate cheese, vegetables, and fruits with ease and without any mess. For making this tool easy to hold, its handle is reliable and tremendous in quality.

An amazing advantage of this cheese grater is that it has 5 various patterns. Firstly, in this grater fine blades are designed for making breadcrumbs, for roof vegetables coarse blade is perfect, for fleshed fruits medium blade is ideal, and for making a delicate slice of hard vegetables slicing blade is designed.

So, in short, it is used for multi-purposes. Four-cup containers are also available with this product for catching shredded and grated cheese, fruits, and vegetables. You can clean this box grater in the dishwasher, which saves you time and make it clean. This box grater is the best combination of different patterns that helps you to make your kitchen work easy and elegant.

Excellent material
Dishwasher safe
Five different patterns
Sharp edges
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4. OXO Etched Box Graters with Removable Zester, One size steel :

An etched box grater is one of the most suitable options for grating different vegetable cheeses and chocolate for different yummy recipes.  It is made up of stainless steel and is super easy to use. Besides that, it also has a zester that is missing in most of the ordinary graters. The zester of this grater can be used on the grater box and can also be removed and used separately.

This grater box has four different sides and each side performs different functions like slicing the vegetables, zester, coarse and medium grating. The surface of the grating sides is too sharp that is very helpful for grating the vegetables quickly. And slicer side is angled which helps in slicing the vegetables smoothly. The base of this grater is not slippery that gives a strong grip while using this box and prevent any injury.

That is not all, this grater comes with a container that has a lid. This container helps to store grated food easily, now there is no need to transfer that grated vegetables from one container to another just grate the food in the container and cover it with the lid, and you are done.

Premium quality
Nice black color
Stainless steel
Comes with a removable zester
Only one color is available
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5. Ray Tools and Gadgets Stainless Steel Box Graters :

Rachael box grater is a perfect kitchen gadget. Its design is so basic still classy. The perfect combination of teal and silver color and red and silver color makes this product superb. Not just its look is attractive but its efficiency and work are also appreciable. This box grater comes with a nice bucket that perfectly fits inside the grater.

Usually, manual graters are not preferred because of the risk of getting injured but this grater has a safety holder in which you can fit anything that you want to grate and can use this box with full safety. This grater box is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

This is a multi-purpose box you can cut vegetables in julienne style, or you can grate vegetables or slice them perfectly. The blades are super sharp that will provide you with quick and easy grating without much effort. This is a perfect option for making your cooking super quick and easy.

Available in two amazing colors
Comes with a bucket
Safety holder is available
No warranty
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In a nutshell, these box graters are worth buying. A perfect solution to so many problems, you can grate vegetables, can slice onions, cucumbers, potatoes, and other vegetables with these box graters. All box graters reviewed above are dishwasher safe and are made up of high-quality stainless steel. Even after using these box graters so many times their material will not get damaged or will not get rusted.

They are super cheap and affordable with the best results. Just buy one for yourself and you can make a yummy and healthy vegetable salad, noodles, spaghetti, and many other recipes without making noise and without paying the extra dues of electricity supply. This is a one-time investment and lifetime profit because these box graters will work the same for many years.

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