The 5 Small Slotted Serving Spoon Buying Guides 2022


Cooking is a very interesting and satisfying activity. But if kitchen gadgets are not of high quality and performance cooking becomes so hectic and difficult. An important step of cooking is a string and separating the food from curry or sauce and for that, a perfect slotted serving spoon is needed. This kitchen partner is a must-have product that should be part of every kitchen. In this article, you will know about the features of perfect slotted serving spoons available in the amazon digital market at very reasonable prices with high-end performance. So that you can take out solid food quickly from its sauce and can wind up your cooking in no time.

1. Chef Craft Select Beechwood Slotted Spoon:

small Slotted Serving Spoon

This slotted spoon is made up of high-quality material beechwood and can work for a long time. Its thickness is 0.5 inches. In addition to this, chef craft select slotted serving spoon is made up of wood along with a handle that makes this product comfortable for long-time stirring tasks. It is one of the convenient spoons and is 2.75 inches wide, it helps you mix the food item in the pan quickly and perfectly.

This spoon is very easy to use as well as its cleaning process doesn’t take too much time. Furthermore, there are endless benefits of this wooden Slotted Serving Spoon. Its body is solid which makes it last for a long time. Besides this, its handle is also thick and reliable. It gives you full protection from Teflon pots and also maintains its elegant appearance. For your comfort, it is the best Slotted serving Spoon because it is not too heavy in weight. You can easily carry it for stirring for a long time. If you want to make thick sauces and stew then this slotted serving spoon will help you greatly.

  • Well finished
  • Thick handle
  • Easy to wash
  • A little bit extra wide
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2. Kitchen Aid KO004OHBA Gourmet Nylon Small Slotted Serving Spoon:

small Slotted Serving Spoon

This slotted serving spoon is of a very good quality multi-tasking product. Its elegant and beautiful design is so attractive. Besides that, it also has small slots that can easily drain very small food like rice, pulses, etc without dropping them again in the cooking pots. This slotted serving spoon is an ideal addition to your kitchen utensils that will make your cooking far more professional and easy.

Along with that, its handle is specially designed to help users to have a perfect grip on it so that they can stir, strain, and cook food without any muscular pain or discomfort. Because most of the spoons available in the market are so heavy that it becomes difficult for the user to handle it and also causes muscular pain. It is a perfect blend of nylon and stainless steel material that enhances its performance in the kitchen. Moreover, it is perfectly made for non-stick utensils that will not damage their material.

Along with all the other plus points, another amazing thing is that it’s totally dishwasher safe, so you can clean it in the dishwasher without worrying about any damage. Kitchen Aid is providing an inexpensive year warranty on this product if you are not satisfied with the performance of the product you can easily replace it.

Can be used for non-stick utensils
High-quality material
Budget-friendly product
Too long handle
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3. Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon, Perforated Bowl:

Slotted Serving Spoon

Mercer culinary plating spoon is one of the most affordable slotted serving spoons. It’s made up of high-quality stainless steel that will prevent it from rust. It is a multi-functional spoon that can easily separate any solid food from liquid food. You can strain pasta, macaroni, rice, beans, and much more. Its smooth handle will give you the perfect grip. Along with that its material is not slippery and will provide you perfect grip on it. Its handle is of perfect size not too short not too long which makes it a perfect slotted serving spoon.

You can make your cooking convenient with this slotted serving spoon and can invest your valuable money in this amazing product and you will love it. Moreover, its bowl is of the ideal size that can strain a perfect amount of food at once which saves time and effort. Its coating and color will not fade even after using and washing it so many times. It’s an ideal choice for all those who have to cook food daily. Its 2.67 ounces lightweight will not cause any stress on your muscles and its high quality and durability will help you to take out every single piece of solid food from the pot easily.

Comes with many small holes
Easy to clean
Not suitable for non-stick utensils
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4. Portmeirion Botanic Garden Small slotted Serving Spoon:

small Slotted Serving Spoon

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Slotted Serving Spoon is the most unique and beautiful slotted spoon available on amazon. It comes with a beautiful gift box so you can give it to your loved ones on your birthday, as a wedding gift, or as a Christmas gift. Its premium design with beautiful flowers on the handle differentiates it from ordinary plane-slotted spoons. Not only its look and design are beautiful but its functioning and performance are also appreciable.

This slotted Serving spoon is a beautiful addition to floral kitchenware. It’s very lightweight and handy so that users can take out their food without any discomfort. Buying this botanic garden slotted spoon is a wiser choice and a worthy experience.

Stainless steel
Beautiful floral design
Rectangular slots
Dishwasher not safe
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5. Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon:

slotted Spoon

This slotted spoon lets you drain, scoop and serve food directly from a baking pan or hot dish into the plate. It is a highly recommended product for serving different food items such as pasta, fried food, and vegetables. If we come to its production material then you can be stress-free because this amazing Slotted Spoon is made up of high-quality nylon. Due to this, it is compatible with non-stick pans. In addition to this, it can resist heating up to 200°C. It is super easy to wash after using it.

The best advantage of this spoon are it comes in two various sizes, along with their separate qualities so you can buy one according to your needs, Both spoon’s handles are made with silicone. A large size spoon is perfect for draining food items by placing the spoon on the sides of the cooking pan. In addition to this, the small size spoon is designed with a special front edge which is the best utensil to take food directly front the baking tray to your serving plate. In short, it is one of the best products and patterns for your kitchen cupboard.

Available in two sizes
Ability to resist heat
Easy to wash
Sometimes absorbs odor
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In a nutshell, these slotted spoons are the best options. You should invest in any of them and will not regret your decision. All the slotted spoons mentioned above are highly durable, dishwasher safe, and are perfect for straining food from a liquid. Their bowls are of perfect size that can separate a large amount of solid food from water or curry in one attempt. Their handles are not too heavy they are of ideal weight that will make string and straining easy and fast.

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