The Best 3 Wooden Salad Servers Set All The Time 2022

If you are a salad lover then you must know the amount of excitement and love you put into your salads to make them the best. As much as the taste and type of your salad matter, just like that the dressing of your salads also counts and that is where the Wooden salad servers sets come into the picture. These overlooked kitchen items can put your efforts in the right direction! As they seem to handle the delicate greens and can help you with the right proportions of the ingredients as well. By investing your money in the right salad tongs you can give your salad a new look.

Traditionally these Wooden salad servers are manufactured with two parts whereas the first part is an oversized spoon which is usually termed as a curved paddle and the other part of the salad server is an oversized fork. There are different kinds of salad tongs as some people prefer the traditional salad tongs with a large handle so that they have a good grasp while some go for the salad hands which will help them have more control over tossing and turning the salad ingredients. Different people have different recommendations so if you would like to find out which one is your best-suited one then keep on reading to learn more about it!

Tips while buying Salad Servers Set:

There are quite a few things you should consider before getting your hands on one of the best salad servers like its material and type. You should always opt for a tender material rather than the one with metal tips so that it can deal with your greens with delicacy. Furthermore, if you want a wooden salad server then you should be getting your hands on a durable wood so that it serves versatility. Other options such as plastic and silicone are also good.

Another factor to not ignore is the length of the salad servers unless you are going for salad hands. As length corresponds with the depth of your salad bowl so if the length is long then you would likely have less control over your tongs and they might as well be hanging out of the bowl while served, whereas with short handles you will have more grip but they will most definitely dip in the salad bowl if its depth is quite good. Therefore, it’s reasonable to always look for salad servers that aid the perfect length.

Top Best Wooden Salad Servers Set: 

Head down and enlighten yourself with one of the best salad servers out there! We have listed down only the flawless and the best ones from the number of salad servers out. There claiming to be the best just to save you from all the fret and trouble of looking into every brand and type of salad servers yourself. So waste no more time and get your hands on your salad servers before someone else does!

Portofino 2-in-1Salad Servers:

Stylish design:

This Portofino 2-in-1 salad server has one of the cleverest designs as it can be used both traditionally and like tongs as well. The most attractive thing about this salad server is how smartly it is designed to serve in many ways and that is what sets this salad server apart from the others too. 


This multifunctional Portofino salad server is made up of high-quality ABS plastic which serves great sustainability due to its standards. There are no such risks with this salad server as it is proven to be free of any carcinogens so they are very safe to use. They have a strong grip covering on their top to provide more control to the users. They are very lightweight so that you can easily mix the salad ingredients just as you like. 


Moreover, this salad server by Portofino is a 2-in-1 server which means that you can use it in more than one way. If you would prefer then you can use both pieces separately and enjoy these salad servers as traditional servers but if you want then you can connect these two servers and use them as salad tongs. They are 12 inches which is a very reasonable height because they won’t dip in your salad bowls no matter how in-depth they are. They also serve good grip with their non-slip option so it’s a win-win!

Storage saver:

The best part about these multifunctional Portofino salad tongs is that they can be connected in a nested position which saves a lot of space so that you might store them anywhere you want without any difficulty. They are the ideal servers to take on trips as well because unlike others they can fit anywhere easily. 


You don’t have to spend much labor while cleaning these salad servers by Portofino. Because you simply just toss them in the dishwasher and let them get cleaned on their own. No need to stress over rubbing and cleaning the oils off the servers after they were used for the salad. 

  • Multifunctional salad servers
  • Light-weight and non-slip handles
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Storage saving due to their nesting position
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Free of any carcinogens
  • 12 inches reasonable length of handles
  • Not sustainable
  • Plastic brakes with more pressure
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Lipper Acacia one pair Wooden Salad Servers set:

Elegant design:

These Lipper one-pair wooden salad servers set are very elegantly designed. They are the perfect salad pieces that one would need for special occasions or dinners. Their beautiful design consists of traditional long handles with forked ends. This is just a one-pair set but either way it can easily bring out the aesthetic of any room.  


The Lipper one-pair salad server is made up of durable acacia wood. The luxe-looking wood gives extra style to the appearance of this salad and makes them attractive. The wooden handles of these salad servers are about 12 inches long which is a pretty good height because you can have a strong grip on them while they also won’t dip in the salad bowls no matter what their depth may be.


Furthermore, these wooden salad servers are very long-lasting due to their high-quality wood manufacturing. A sit is pretty hard so it is sure that these wooden salad servers will last you for a long time. 

Easy to wash:

Unlike other wooden salad servers, the Lipper one-pair salad servers are not dishwasher-safe so you would have to put in a little effort to keep your wooden salad servers as new as before. Carefully wash them with soap and water while gently rubbing with hands so all the oiliness and greasiness gets washed away, furthermore, you would have to oil them from time to time to maintain their natural acacia wooden design. 

Elegant and decent design
Manufactured with acacia wood
12 inches long handles
Easy to wash
One pair salad server
Not dishwasher-safe
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Totally Bamboo single wooden Salad Servers set:

Beautiful design:

The beautiful totally bamboo single wooden salad server set is made to serve in style. It is specially designed for luxurious houses and you can even match it with the theme of your kitchen or dining room. To make it look more aesthetic and beautiful.  


This eco-friendly salad server set by Totally bamboo is manufactured with single-piece bamboo. This naturally crafted server set has high-quality manufacturing due to which is made with great versatility and has high sustainability. As bamboo is a renewable wood resource so that this eco-friendly server set doesn’t harm anyone. Their handles are 14 inches long which provides a very great length for deep salad bowls. It has curved spoons although it can cause problems with having strong control over it. Its curved handles are there to save the day!

Low maintenance:

This Totally bamboo single wooden salad server set is made of bamboo which is a very eco-friendly wood so it doesn’t require any extra care because it’s hardwood and it stays persistent for a very long time. You don’t have to stress over oiling it from time to time because it already comes in its natural design. 

Easy usage:

These wooden salad servers are very easy-going as curved handles give you very good access over them so that you can serve easily although they have very long-handled. The handles furthermore help in keeping the work tidy as they prevent any sort of mess which can be created while serving the salad. 


Moreover, the flawless bamboo single wooden salad server set is dishwasher-safe which saves you from doing any extra work on it for cleaning, therefore, just put it in the dishwasher and it will get cleaned on its own and later on letting it air dry.

Manufactured with eco-friendly and renewable bamboo
Handles are made of 14 inches long
High quality and durable
Elegant and natural-looking design
Requires very low-maintenance
Easy to use and handle
Takes great space for storage
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