The Top Best Nut Cracker Review in 2022

Do you love having snacks throughout your day? Probably yes. It may be either to boost your energy for work or studies or just treating your taste buds. And nuts make an excellent snack, as you may already know, with their exciting and delicious taste and not just that but nuts are proven to be a healthy snack because they contain fiber, fats, and protein, which are all energy boosters. Unfortunately, these tasty snacks might cost a little much more than your budget because they are quite expensive if you are specifically going for shelled ones. But if you want to take full advantage of these healthy snacks then you need to also make sure that they are free of any chemicals and are fresh so shelled nuts are great proof of that.

Luckily, you all can enjoy these amazing nuts despite their high rates if you just make the right decision by investing in a good nutcracker. They can easily help you break the hard-shelled nuts as you would be able to generate enough power to crack them effortlessly and enjoy them whenever you want! Best Nutcracker comes in great variations in sizes and styles to make sure they are aiding all your requirements.

Best Nut Cracker:

From the numerous nutcrackers out there with their styles, the few things that you shouldn’t let slip through your eyes are all mentioned in this blog to save you extra labor. Firstly comes the traditional nutcracker which is equipped with hinges but to crack nuts with them you need to apply great power and by doing so sometimes the nuts can also crack in the process. Secondly comes the nutcrackers which have a screw thread and a knob where the knob makes sure that you are dominant over the best nutcracker as you stop turning that handle to stop cracking the nut whenever you feel like it. Moreover, some nutcrackers have pinching jaws which provide support to crack the nuts. All types of best nut crackers= are different from one another and they all have their pros and cons.

To save you the labor and stress of fretting over finding the best nutcracker out there from the wide range of varieties, we have shortlisted some below with their brief features and pros and cons to help you get your preferred ones.

Top best Nut Cracker:

Listed below are some of the best nutcrackers out there which belong to different categories to help you choose from a range of variety so make sure to get your hand on the best one and enjoy your yummy nuts!

EFO Hard Beech Wood Nut Cracker:


One of the most prominent features of this EFO hard beech wooden nut cracker is that it has very simple to use. People of all ages can use this nut cracker easily as it only requires little pressure to function and cracks the nuts flawlessly. Just unscrew the top of this nutcracker and then place a nut inside, apply pressure with the screw and your nut is perfectly cracked. Moreover, its design also includes that after cracking the nuts the shell remains inside so no mess is created and you won’t have to worry about cleaning the shells as well. This EFO piece is also an upgraded nutcracker which is additionally equipped with a metal piece attached at the end of the screw of this nutcracker. This metal piece is to make sure that you crack your nuts with more ease.

Stylish design:

The EFO hard beech wooden nutcracker is made in the shape of a mushroom. It is the perfect addition to your house. This stylish design also looks very attractive while using it. Furthermore, you can use this as a gift for your family and friends on Christmas and other occasions. 


Unlike other nutcrackers which are made of plastic, this EFO hard beech wooden nutcracker is manufactured with natural beach wood. Since old times beech wood has been used to make kitchen tools because of its amazing features. So, there is no doubt left in the high quality of this EFO nutcracker as well. The high quality of this nutcracker will make it last you a good time as well.


You don’t have to perform steps to maintain the quality of this EFO hard beech wooden nutcracker, just clean it occasionally and make sure not to put it in the dishwasher and wash it with plain water only. 


Furthermore, you are given a lifetime guarantee of this EFO nut cracker sow whenever you feel like there is a problem you can get your item exchanged but we are confident that you won’t be disappointed with the EFO nut cracker’s performance.

  • Manufactured with high-quality hard beech wood
  • Cute and stylish design
  • Durable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Storage space for shells
  • Less power needed to break the shells
  • Easy to use
  • Not dishwasher-safe
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Drosselmeyer Red Nut Cracker:


The Drosselmeyer red nu tcracker has been manufactured with special care and has some cool additions just like the container built in the nut cracker to store the shells of the nuts. People of all ages can use the nutcracker very easily because of its simple manufacturing. All you have to do is to put your nuts in their designated place, apply a little pressure on their handle and it will effortlessly break your nuts, and finally take out the pieces of the nuts. 


The Drosselmeyer nut cracker has a very different yet creative design, making it very interesting to use. Additionally, it is designed in such a way that while cracking your nuts, there will be no mess made, unlike many nutcrackers. And the red color of this nut cracker is what makes it the most attractive and fun. 

  Easy maintenance:

You won’t have to do much labor with the Drosselmeyer red nut cracker because it’s very easy to maintain. You can also clean it with no extra effort required as all of the parts of this nut cracker are detachable and the special container for the shells already collects all the mess so that you don’t have to spend more time on it. 


Due to the high-quality manufacturing of this Drosselmeyer red nut cracker, it is made to last long. It is designed with strong zinc which is very durable and also recyclable. Although there will be no need of recycling the zinc because of its already high quality and sustainability it’s designed to serve its extra purposes. 

  Made in Sweden:

The Drosselmeyer red nutcracker is made in Sweden and as we all are well aware of the fact that how good and durable internationally patented items are so your money is worth the investment here. 

  Lifetime warranty:

If you get your hands on the Drosselmeyer red nut cracker then worry no more because you are provided with a lifetime warranty so whenever there is an issue you can get your nut cracker fixed or replaced with the help of the authorities. Your investment is in safe hands with this lifetime warranty offer. So there are no more doubts left about buying this innovative nut cracker. 

Additional container to store shells
Made with durable and recyclable zinc
Easy maintenance
Innovative and attractive design
High-quality manufacturing
Made in Sweden
Lifetime guaranty
Not suitable for tough nuts
Not dishwasher safe
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New Star Heavy Zinc Nut Cracker set:


The design of the New Star heavy zinc nut cracker set is highly made to serve at professional dinners because its striking appearance will be an eyesore. Unlike other nut crackers which are made just to serve the purpose of cracking nuts. This one is made to stand out in the crowd because it doesn’t just crack nuts. 


You can be confident that this nutcracker will last you a very long time with the high-quality die-cast alloy of zinc and extra coating on top. There is no risk of rusting with their striking nut cracker because of its protective outer covering. 


To use this New Star heavy zinc nutcracker you will have to first it the nut in between the spines of this nutcracker and apply the pressure that your nut cracker requires and enjoy your healthy and delicious nuts whenever you like. Although for some nuts more power would be needed than the others. 


The New Star heavy zinc nutcracker is dishwasher-safe which means that you don’t have to fret about cleaning this nutcracker. But rather just put it in the nutcracker and let all those tiny shells of the nuts get washed away. There is no risk of rusting too because of the high-quality zinc alloy construction. So you can clean your nut cracker as you prefer without any care. 

  Professional quality:

This nutcracker is made to serve at home and in restaurants too because of its commercial-grade standards. This nutcracker is originally a set of 6 sustainable lobster crackers but can be used for nuts as well. 

Striking design
Made and coated with zinc alloy
Available as a 6 piece set
Easy to function
Requires great pressure for hard nuts
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