Top 3 Best Wooden Spoon Set Buying Guide In 2022

Wooden Utensils: There are those that say cooking is not a science it is more of an art. To create a piece of art one requires tools and the same can be said for cooking.  In the case of cooking, the tools include but are not limited to metal knives, spoons, forks, and an array of other things.  Wooden utensils on the other hand are practical. They have a rich cultural history, and they can last forever.  Many people neglect this beautifully efficient and historic kitchen tool, ignoring the many reasons the wooden spoon is better than the rest.  Wooden spoons have played an important role in kitchens around the world—and for good reason.  

As an artist is selective about their paintbrushes; a cook should be selective about their cooking utensils.  A wooden spoon used to stir any dish in any type of vessel.  And the wooden spoon’s versatility and durability are what make it worth using.  The wooden spoon handles are gently rounded and feel nice in your hands. And you feel comfortable while using it and it’s not abrasive like its metal counterpart. 

Another benefit of wooden kitchen tools is that they look fabulously beautiful and elegant in any kitchen style.  Handcrafted wooden spoons are truly unique functional works of art that make wonderful gifts.  Additionally, environmentally conscious individuals can choose wooden utensils with confidence; because wood is a natural and renewable resource and a more environmentally responsible choice.

I’ve compiled the best wooden spoons and wooden spoon sets for you to consider using in your kitchen. Wooden spoons are safe while we are cooking because the handles stay cool unlike when using a metal spoon.  Wooden spoons also do not damage your pots or pans causing scratches that can be frustrating.  

3 best Wooden Spoon Set :

Many kinds of wooden spoons are made from bamboo, pine, maple, and beech to mention a few.  The criteria to get your hands on the perfect wooden spoon starts with your preference for wood and your specific cooking needs.  You might need a single wooden spoon or a complete set. It is essential to get the best one that will do all the tasks you require it to do.  Budget is also a factor when looking to purchase wooden utensils. 

Typically, pine is the least expensive wooden utensil.  The construction of high-quality and long-lasting wood will be made of either beech, olive, maple, or bamboo; these are less likely to require frequent replacement.  However, it’s worth mentioning that regardless of brand, it’s best to always hand wash wooden utensils with hot water and mild dish soap. After washing, blot the freshly washed wooden utensils with a new clean dish towel then allow it to air-dry completely before putting them away.  Now let’s get ready to find the ideal and beautiful wooden utensils!

The list mentioned below will assist you in selecting the best choice of wooden spoons that will match all your cooking requirements. 

Neet Nonstick Wooden Spoon set

Complete package:

The Neet wooden spoon set is a complete cooking set that you need to have in your kitchen. Because the set has every kind of spoons from a stirrer to a spatula with many other options. Each spoon made of high-quality wood material, which can perform all kinds of tasks efficiently.  The spoons are manufactured to be very smooth on the hand alleviating hand stress. These wooden spoons do not get hot. So there is no risk of getting burned.  

Bamboo wood manufacturing:

If you want the best for your kitchen and getting the high-quality organic bamboo handcrafted Neet wooden spoon set is your go-to choice. Bamboo wood is one of the best woods so that you can rest assured about its reliability, resistance to stains, and odor resistance. The bamboo wooden spoons specially manufactured to be antibacterial so you can always enjoy fresh and healthy food bacteria-free. 

Bamboo Care:

The bamboo Neet wooden spoons can easily be cleaned with plain soap and water and air-dried.  Its non-stick quality makes it moisture-resistant. 

Safe investment:

These wooden spoons are 100% guaranteed. So if you have a need for a return it can be returned anytime to get their full refund. 

  • 100% guaranteed
  • Stain-resistant
  • Smell-resistant
  • Smooth manufacturing
  • Coated polishing that might come off with time.
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Mixing Wooden Spoons

Smooth manufacturing:

The mixing of wooden spoons is exceptional.  It is made of a smooth texture that feels soft on the hand with the nice finishing of every spoon the set contains all the spoons of the mixing wooden spoon that are extraordinarily polished to provide a very elegant and complete finish to it. The wooden spoons are durable but lightweight on the hand so cooking with these spoons is not burdensome.  These spoons have rounded corners but are firm and strong to stir heavy mixture food. The non-abrasive quality of these wooden spoons makes them very soft and still ensures a firm working utensil.  

Safe convenience:

The mixing wooden spoons are made with handles that have a length of 12 inches ensuring a safe distance from the heat.  Also, these utensils have a width of 1.57 inches therefore they are very easy to store anywhere in the kitchen from hanging to putting them in drawers. The long handles make stirring, sautéing, and cooking easy; also you will have complete control over the utensil while cooking. These wooden spoons are heat resistant.

Easy Care:

These mixing wooden spoons are easy to clean. They are long-lasting non-stick and burn resistant.  Use mild-warm water and dishwashing soap to clean.  

Easy to clean
12 inches length
Elegant design 
High quality 
Comfortable grip
The spoons are chipped
Shallow bowling
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Olive Wooden Spoon

wooden spoon

This utensil is the Eddington olive wooden spoon that is handcrafted by one of the best wooden spoons manufacturers in Europe. This single independent wooden spoon can be used to do all your tasks at cooking, stirring, sautéing, mixing, and more.  This is an all-purpose spoon.  The olive wooden spoon is very lightweight on the hand so that every cooking made easy and comfortable. 

Ideal size:

The Eddington olive wood spoon size is 12 inches long, which is the ideal size of a spoon. It works best with both baking and cooking. The beautifully handmade wooden spoon is the perfect decorative addition to your kitchen. The ideal size of the wooden spoon helps it to be easy storage for any place in the kitchen. This sized wooden spoon would perfectly fit all your drawers or will even suit the utensil holder if you want to display the new decorative addition to your kitchen.

Safe usage:

Your perfect wooden olive spoon has rounded corners and is scratch-resistant. It is safe to use on all types of cooking pots and pans.  And with its additional ideal length, you can cook easily without any risk of burnt.  The length helps ensure that you have a good grip on the spoon while stirring food. 

Easy Care:

The non-stick olive wooden spoon is easy to clean with just a splash of hot water and a little rubbing and all oil and smell from cooking removed.  If you also want to give this wooden spoon a beautiful finish you can easily coat it with natural olive oil to make the spoon look its best. 

Rounded front 
12 inches length
Easy to clean
Olive wood construction
Not suitable for dishwashing
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