Top 4 Best Dish Drying Mats 2022 Buying Guide

Kitchen Dish Drying Mat is an unassuming piece of cloth but, it is an essential must-have in anyone’s kitchen. Who wouldn’t love the ease of washing dishes and utensils without having to run the dishwasher to dry them; that is when the drying mat makes its best appearance.  For a quick wash and let dry nothing is better than a kitchen drying mat.  It’s quick and energy-efficient too.  Nothing can beat the feeling of working in a dry and organized counter space. Here are a few essentials that will help you to buy dry and clean kitchen mats.

A clean and dry kitchen utensils space not only motivates you to wash dishes by hand more often but, it is also energy efficient which proves beneficial in the interest of your family budget. Using a kitchen drying mat eliminates the risk of contamination from water-borne germs keeping your kitchen germ-free.  For these reasons, the drying mat is one of the most important things to have in your kitchen.

Dish drying mats are used to stack under dish racks. So that you can easily follow with other chores while your dishes dry. As stated earlier many diseases caused by contaminated water can be avoided by simply using a drying mat for hand-washed dishes.  It is important to avoid the risk of putting wet dishes in cabinets with thousands of germs on them. 

These dish drying mats will help you achieve healthy and safe eating for you and your family. So make sure to get your hands on the best ones.

Top Dish Drying Mats

Not sure what options are your ideal type from the multiple choices of the dish drying mats out there, don’t worry because we have got you covered with the best-reviewed dish drying mats mentioned below. Head down to your local big-box store to get your hands on the perfect drying mat according to your preference.

Umbra UDRY Dish Drying Mat

Kitchen dish drying matt
Designed all in one:

The Umbra is a very well-known company for manufacturing dish drying mats and this time they designed this UDRY dish drying mat that is all in one. Because it has both the dish drying mat and a dish drying rack attached to it. You can easily store all your utensils including glasses, pots, cutlery, and pans with the help of the stemware holder and utensil caddy attached with this drying mat. 

Convenient usage:

The Umbra dish drying mat is made of sustainable material and is of high-quality manufacturing. The drying mat is very convenient to use with a large amount of space storage. The additional dish drying rack is adjustable because the ends can be moved to the middle of each end to suit your particular need and drying space requirement.  This moveable feature of the dish drying rack provides a generous large space to accommodate any number of dishes. It has nineteen (19) slots to easily store dishes of all sizes whether small or large that saves up a lot of space on the kitchen counter and results in a clean and organized kitchen appearance. The UDRY drying mat is dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned.


The versatile UDRY dish drying mat is the perfect choice for small-spaced kitchens as the low-profile designed drying mat and the rack are easily foldable so that you can put it away when it’s not in use. To clear up extra counter space and to make your kitchen look neater you can fold this mat and put it away in the kitchen drawer or cabinet so that it looks cleaner than ever. 

Microfiber mat:

The UDRY drying mat is microfiber manufactured which makes it super absorbable. The supreme absorbent quality of the mat helps you to provide healthy eating for your family as it drying all your dishes by absorbing the water and on top of it, this mat also doesn’t let the counter underneath get scratched or let the water store in below. 

  • Microfiber material
  • Water absorbent
  • High quality
  • Established with additional dish drying rack
  • Easily foldable
  • This dish drying mat is only recommendable for small sinks
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Oxo Drying Mat

Dish Drying Matt
Cushioned material:

The OXO dish drying mat is specially manufactured of soft material that gives a cushion effect to the dish drying mat. The cushioned material of the mat helps prevent the countertop from any sort of damage or scratches. The cushion effect of this dish drying mat also secures the kitchen utensils from getting any sort of damage; for example, chips or dents. 

Non-slip bottom:

This non-slip bottom ensures the safety and proper functionality of the dish drying mat, keeping it in place reducing the risk of dishing moving from where it is stored. The OXO dish drying mat has a high-quality non-slip bottom that makes it easy for it to stay in one place which also helps the dishes to dry faster. 

Compact size:

This dish drying mat is of a comfortable size that works perfectly for small kitchens that have fewer spaces on the counters and as well as sinks. The OXO drying mat is of a compact size that has features that enable it to dry kitchen utensils more safely. It only takes up an impressively small amount of space. This small drying mat can also be a cute addition to your basic kitchen or a little spice to the boring sink that no one bothers to look at. 

Proper drainage system:

OXO dish drying mat allows the dishes and other kitchen utensils to dry faster with the help of a proper drainage system. The drying mat allows a significant amount of air to pass through it which promotes a quicker drying application. It is manufactured slightly upwards. This adds to a speedy airflow to pass easily as well allowing the dishes to dry faster too. 

Fast dish dry
Cushioned and soft material
Portable size
Easy to clean
Rigid bottom
The proper water drainage system
Only suitable for small sinks
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Climatex Drying Mat

Kitchen Drying Mat

Climatex drying mat is made of recycled material which makes this versatile mat of a diagonal texture earth-friendly.  The feature of the diagonal texturing prevents any sort of dust, dirt or water to be trapped that later can get dishes dirty and contaminated after the washing applications. The Climatex drying mat is made to be sustainable and it will last you for a long time with proper care and use.  This drying mat works well in all types of environments; it can be used indoors as well as outdoors regardless of the various weather conditions making it a highly versatile and durable kitchen drying mat. There aren’t many drying mats that are this versatile with a budget-friendly price tag. 


The drying mat by Climatex is made in such a way that it is water repellent. The water repellent feature of this mat enables it to stay rigid and firm stays in one place even on slippery floors. There is no risk of the kitchen utensils getting damaged anymore if they are put on a wet floor with the Climatex drying mat. 

Easily cleaned:

The Climatex drying mat can be easily cleaned with just a spray of water and a single swipe. This drying mat repels dirt and mud. Additionally, Not only is it dirt-repellent but it also has a feature that includes an anti-soggy feature that prevents it from having water clogging into the drying mat.

Can be cleaned easily
Water repellent
Works well in all weather conditions
Made up of recycled material
This mat can curl at the edges when used for  a long time
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Silicone Drying Mat

The kitchen mat is a food-grade and high-quality silicone mat. You can now easily provide your children and other family members with healthy and safe food with the help of good food-grade quality dish drying mats. This kitchen mat is made with durable BPA-free silicone, this 100% food-safe mat is flexible enough to bend without breaking and easily stands up to everyday use. This allows you to enjoy your healthy food with your loved ones with the confidence that your food is germ-free. And only made for home use. It is completely safe from any sort of harmful chemical that can lead to multiple problems. 

Flexible mat:

You can save a lot of space with the silicone dish drying mat because of its flexibility feature. When this dish drying mat is not in use you can simply put it aside by folding it. You can store it anywhere with minimal space needed. and in any convenient location in the kitchen.  

Spacious mat:

With the silicone dish drying mat, you never have to worry about the kitchen utensil’s storage anymore. This silicone dish mat occupies great space storage. Thatswhy you can easily dry all your glasses, plates, dishes, and many other kitchen applications all at once. It has a maximum surface space of 21 inches by 18 inches; a generous and spacious size indeed.  

Suitable usage:

This mat is very easy to clean with the help of a single swipe with a spray of water. This dish drying mat comes with raised ridges allowing for airflow circulation promoting a quicker drying response. It allows air to pass through easily which also results in the dish mat getting dry faster. Furthermore, water also evaporates very quickly due to its air passing function. 

Food grade silicon production
The easy air passage-way
Dries faster
Very flexible
Easy to clean
The grooves of this mat are very low due to which the dishes take time to dry
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